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“Our Martini Trolley infuses this iconic mix with a sense of ceremony. The perfect cocktail is personal – but our Martini is always stirred.”
Agostino Perrone, Director of Mixology


Ordering a Martini at the Connaught Bar is met with a sense of ceremony. The ritual begins and the anticipation heightens as the sleek, black lacquer Martini Trolley is brought to your table – and from this point on, things become personal. From the collection of gins to the assembly of aromatic bitters, this is where all the all the elements of this singular cocktail are laid out. 

The maestro conducting the performance is our award-winning mixologist, Agostino Perrone.  But the flavour notes and final blend is down to you. Each Martini begins in the same way, with the hand-etched Connaught Bar crystal glass, chilled using slow-frozen ice to ensure the perfect sipping temperature. Then, Agostino presents the Martini Trolley’s collection of aromatic handmade bitters – tonka bean, lavender or his own ‘Dr Ago’ marriage of bergamot and ginseng – inviting the guest to select their own particular flavour profile. Whatever the final blend, the Connaught Bar Martini is always and only ever stirred. Finally, it is poured from a height as it’s spritzed with lemon to bring the textures and layers to life, and then finished with a spiral of citrus zest.