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Inspired by the spirit of the season, Christmas introduces festive flourishes to the Connaught Bar menus. The crispness of champagne cocktails and the warming notes of citrus and cacao-infused Martinis bring the outside in, adding fresh twists to timeless mixes. For those raising a toast at home, creating the perfect yuletide cocktail blends a good measure of the finest spirits with elegant glassware – and a few secret-recipe ingredients.


  • 15 ml Cognac
  • 100 ml Brut Champagne
  • 5 ml sugar syrup
  • Candied ginger, to garnish

Measure each ingredient in turn, before mixing directly in a chilled flute. Embellish with a cube or two of candied ginger for a gently spiced, festive finish.

“Champagne cocktails favour the graceful shape of the flute. This is the glassware we always use at the Connaught Bar, to capture the drink’s defining sparkle."


  • 45 ml the Connaught Bar Gin
  • 25 ml orange and cocoa husk sherbet (see below for our recipe)
  • 25 ml Chardonnay 
  • 5 ml Galliano L’Autentico 

Chill a Martini glass as you prepare the ingredients. Shake together, before straining into the glass and garnishing with a dehydrated orange wheel.

For the orange and cacao husk sherbet:

  • 450 grams caster sugar
  • The peel of 5 oranges
  • 40 grams of cocoa husk (or nibs)
  • 900 ml fresh blood orange juice

Leaving the orange juice to one side, place the remaining ingredients into a suitable plastic container with space to gently muddle and mix together. Finally, add the citrus juice before leaving the mixture to rest for one hour. You may need to stir occasionally, to allow all the sugar to dissolve.